All students must obey all rules and Regulations of the school.


1. Every student is expected to know the National Anthem, National Pledge and the School Anthem. Students are to stand at attention when the National Anthem is being sung.


2. All students are expected to behave in a responsible way and be courteous in their dealings with one another.


3. School Assemblies are very important aspects of the school life. Students are therefore to attend promptly and regularly. Lateness will attract appropriate punishment. There should be no talking on the assembly ground.


4. Students should be neatly and smartly dressed and walk smartly at all times.


5. Absence from school or lessons (except for cases of ill health) without permission from the appropriate authority is punishable.


6. On no account should any student roam the school premises when lessons are going on.


7. Any student that falls ill during the school hours should report to his/her class teacher and take a note to the Nurse.


8. Classrooms, lockers and desks must be kept tidy at all times. All pieces of papers must be thrown into the bins in the classrooms.


9. Writing either in biro, pencil or chalk on lockers, chairs or walls in strictly prohibited. Students found breaking this rule will be seriously disciplined.


10. Communication with any government department, educational institutions, scholarship board etc must be channeled through the Principal.


11. The official language of the school is English (as a matter of politeness, students are expected to speak in public, a language which everybody understands).


12. All boys must wear low hair cut style (not the style in vogue). Girls may plait their hair neatly. No student is allowed to perm, jerry curl, straighten, blowout or wear attachment or ornaments on the hair. Only blue bonds may be used to pack the plaited hair.





13. Trinkets: The use of elaborate trinkets is not allowed in the school. If reading glasses are worn, they should not be tinted except if recommended.


14. Use of cosmetics or makeup of any kind is prohibited. Nails must be kept short and with no varnish. Wristwatches if affordable may be worn.


15. Under no circumstances should any student be found with alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, drugs, walk man radio, videocassettes, cell phone and computer games. Any student found with any of these prohibited items will be expelled.


16. No drugs may be brought to school unless permission had been given. Drugs should be handed to the school staff nurse at the sick bay for safekeeping and dispensing when necessary.


17. Celebrating of birthday in the school is not allowed.


18. School bell must be strictly obeyed by ALL students.


19. In case of damage to any of the school property, offending students shall be made to pay.


20. Library books should be treated with care and no book should be taken without the knowledge of the Librarian. Silence must be observed in the library at all times.


21. School Bound: School starts at 7.50 a.m. with morning assembly while classes being at 8.15 a.m. and ends at 2.30 p.m. no student is allowed outside the gate during these hours unless with the express permission of the teacher on duty or the Principal.


22. It is the responsibility of every student to ensure that the school compound is kept tidy. Any student found littering the school compound will be punished.


23. No students should go out of the school premises without obtaining permission from the Principal or Vice Principal.