Principal's Address

The HSASS, the Gentle Giant as I will like to call her is first among its peers of good, first grade schools but never shouting about itself.

The school is blessed with seasoned teachers, conducive and serene atmosphere, big and well planned compound, as well as magnificent and architectural buildings. In fact, all the good things peculiar to schools of old coupled with the latest in the height of sophistication have their merger in Home Science Association Secondary School, Alakuko. Above all, what of the fantastic results in all examinations produced by the school year in year out?

Be that as it may, many parents are unaware of this place of gold. Gold, silver or diamonds are not picked on the streets. They are explored, mined and extracted. Parents are admonished, while in search of a citadel for their children and wards, a school with strong moral ethics, to look deep and beneath for that school which is not with the biggest bill board or the highest number of newspaper adverts, but for a school which is adept in strong moral ethics.

The achievement, the products, the edifice, the teachers and the owners of HSASS, speak volumes of the type of school it is.

Take a visit to the school and if you are a parent that values core education, you wouldn't need much persuasion to know that you are in a good place of learning. Seeing they say is believing.

Dear visitor, who is coming across our official website, you are welcome to our world, a world where students are trained to be self-made: strong in character and training, a world not of fantasy, but of reality, where great future leaders are groomed for the reality of tomorrow.

To you dear students, from whichever school you are, do not allow your today to destroy your tomorrow.

It is no gainsaying that keen competition, particularly among schools is global but it takes the acumen and wisdom of your parents as well as your preparedness, to take the right choice of a worthy and unique school Home Science Association Secondary School, Alakuko, the school with zero tolerance for mediocrity and laziness.

Be the best of whatever good you lay your hands to do, never be afraid of competition or challenges and never be afraid failing; for out of failures and trials are great leaders of tomorrow made.

This nation and the world is awaiting your emergence. You are born a leader, take up your destiny and assume your rightful place.