School Anthem



Home Science Association Secondary School

 For excellence was born for us;

 That boys and girls from far and wide may learn

 To love and serve Nigeria.

 "EDUCATION; the best heritage"


And sowing for children yet unborn

 Seeds for inquisitive minds

 That we from strength to strength may grow


 Nigeria shall be proud of us we know

 Africa shall be proud of us we know

 We shall make Nigeria great

 O Lord grant your children every grace

 To attain their hearts desires.


Let active minds as one be joined together

 To work and toil for greater heights

 That man and nature be explored to provide

 For a just and peaceful world.

 Lets build today, tomorrow's pride

 As bearers of undying touch

 Invest our creative minds

 And to reach our ultimate goal

 We shall make bright prints

 In the sand of time

 Working with zeal to leave behind good names

 We shall give our parents joy

 And prepare to serve our Nation dearly

 May the Lord prepare with us.