At the helm of the school administration is the Principal, who is the Chief Executive of the school. The principal seems to the day to day running of the school both in academics and other life of the school. All officers in the school are answerable to the principal who in turn answers to Home Science Association Executive Committee.



 Next to the principal is the two Vice-principals, who assists the principal and carries out both administrative and academic duties in the school respectively. The vice-principals answer directly to the principal and carries out his instructions.



Next is the Senior Tutor of the school, whose duty is principally academic. He checks the work of the Head of Departments (H. O. D) and sees to the conduct of examinations.



The school for effective administrative and academic purposes is divided into eight (8) department and each departments has a head of department. Otherwise known as Head of Department (H.O.D).


The departments are:-

.Languages .Pure Sciences .Applied Science .Mathematics .Social sciences .Business and Administration .Arts Vocational



Further down the administrative ladder are the year tutors. These are teachers that overseas and co-ordinates the activities of each arm of the classes. The year tutor sees to the welfare of his arm of classes and he makes sure the class lacks nothing by binging to the notice of the school administration all lapses.



Each class has a class teacher who is responsible for the day to day supervision of the class. Her marks the daily attendance and sees to all complaints from his students. He is the one that is relied upon for any information on any students in his class.




The Matron and the Patron are the mother and father of the two hostels. The matron acts as the mother to the girls hostel while the patron is the father of the boys hostel. They two cater for and supervise every domestic activity of the students. They tend them in sickness, encourage and advise them in their studies. They supervise their daily live and report to the school authority any deviation from the norm.



The two hostels have a senior boarding housemaster and senior boarding housemistress. The two are assisted by a housemaster & housemistress. The housemasters and mistress who is also teacher are to supervise the students in the dinning hall, hostel and in all their activities, they counsel the students and they liase with the students' parent regularly.


The school has a full fledged counseling department, manned by a well trained and qualified school counselor.



The accounts department of the school is headed by a qualified accounts officer. All fees are paid direct to the bank and copies of tellers are returned to the accounts officer. School fees are paid before resumption and tellers for full payment are submitted at the gate. 




The school has a standard and well stocked library. The school library is stocked with volumes spanning all discipline including studies in tertiary institution.

The school library is manned by a qualified librarian who keeps the library open during school hours and long after school. The library is also linked up the world wide web.




The school management makes sure that facilities in the school are kept in good condition, towards this the school has a qualified maintenance officer who sees to it that facilities are always in good condition.



The school has a full time in-house nurse. The nurse runs the school sick bay and is resident on the school premises. The school is also affiliated to a reputable hospital hereby where cases can be referred to a visiting doctor also visits the school twice in a week to check on the students.