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Home Science Association Secondary School was founded in January 1990 by the Home Science Association. The Home Science Association ( HAS ) formerly known and called Federal Home Science Association (FHSA) until 1992. The body comprises of Accomplished Women Home Economists.

The baby Association was conceived and given birth to by a group of efficacious, devoted, visionary, women educationists with unflinching flair and intense on Home Economics.

Obviously, they were committed to improving the quality of life of the family, particularly proper nurturing and adequate upbringing of children.

The Association which came into existence in 1961 has been operating and judiciously managing a highly reputable Nursery / Primary School at its head quarters: 5, Ruxton Road , Ikoyi.

As a result of the general public's recognition of the immense and invaluable contribution of Home Science Association to qualitative education at the Nursery / Primary level, supported by the desire to cater for the post primary education for the pupils of the Home Science Association Primary School, the Association Secondary school was brought into being in January 1990 at the premises of the primary school at Ikoyi.

In 1991, after three years, the secondary school moved from its temporary location at Ikoyi to its permanent site in Alakuko, Agbado Area of Lagos State .

The permanent site, situated along Lagos / Abeokuta Expressway, about one kilometer off Ajegunle Bus Stop, is right at the boundary of Lagos and Ogun States, overlooking the imposing Gateway Hotel, Ota. The location is sufficiently distant from traffic noise and blatant atmosphere. Yet, the school is only three minutes’ drive from Lagos / Abeokuta Expressway. The citadel of learning (HSASS) occupies a vast area of 11 acres. Yes.

What an extensive area!

The pioneer principal was Mrs. F. A. Omolayole, a seasoned and talented educational administrator.

Mrs. Omolayole left the school in August, 1996 and the then vice-principal Mr. D. A. Akimosin became the principal and he also left in the year 2001. Presently the school is headed by Mr. J. K. Olokose.

The school started with a pioneer staff of nine (9) and Fifty-Seven (57) students. Today the school has a student population of 583 and teaching staff of Forty-Eighty (48) and non-teaching staff of 62.


1. To assist parents and guardians in achieving their hopes and aspirations on their children and wards.

2. To complement the efforts of the State Government in giving post primary education to all children.

3. To cater primarily for the education of the pupils of the Home Science Primary Schools and ensure continuity of their education.

4. To serve as a model secondary school to all existing ones by providing qualitative education.

5. To ensure that students develop good character by inculcating moral and social values and thus become good citizens.

6. To achieve the aims and objectives of the Secondary education which include preparation for useful living within the society and preparation for higher education.


To be acclaimed the best secondary school in Nigeria concerned with the grooming of the child's intellectual, moral and social status that is unparrellel.


To build a new generation of leaders-finely educated suitably skilled and generously endowed with the right values.


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Sam K. Burns

Sam K. Burns

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Scott Again

Maths Department

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