Admission into the Home Science Association Secondary School is strictly by entrance examination and selection interview. Children between ages eleven and thirteen and who must be in either primary five or six in the year of entrance examination are eligible.

The examination is of the standard conducted for federal school and it is usually in the first week of May every year for student into the Junior Secondary School 1.




To qualify for this examination the child should have attained minimum of 10 years of age and must be in primary 5 or 6 in Nigeria.

For students seeking to enter the school from abroad the same minimum age apply and must...

Any student admitted into the school must have attained the schools cut off marks in the entrance examination, that is, the minimum marks attainable in any examination year.



All students are expected to pay the full fees with the Bank teller for each term into the School Bank account by cash only.

Details of the breakdown of the fees are specified on the school bill and are subject to review whenever the need arises. Bill should be settled on or before the first day of every term. Fees paid into the School Account are NON REFUNDABLE.



All students on admission are expected to be in good health and present a medical certificate from a governmental hospital to this effect.

Parents whose wards suffer from peculiar illnesses such as asthma, sickle cell anemia e.t.c should notify the school to enable her take care of the students without worsening the situation. The school sickbay is attached to a nearby hospital managed by qualified medical doctors. In addition to this, there is a visiting doctor who comes on routine check twice a week.



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